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BAGFILTER :- Bagfilter(BF) is a Air Pollution Control device. It is a constant efficiency device having wide use in the field of dust emission control. It has extensive application as boiler ash emission control devices due to high effectiveness in limiting emission. The housing of BF may be compartmentalized in case of OFF LINE model to allow isolation during cleaning. Other wise it could be single chamber. Dust laden gases from Boiler enter inside perforated duct plenum located in-between casing by suction pressure. The heavier dust particles fall immediately into the hopper by gravity, while the light dust is distributed and deposited on the outer wall on the filter bags. When a uniform layer of dust has been formed on the surface of the filter bags, it is removed by a predetermined cycle of high pressure compressed air pulses. Cleaning effectiveness is increased with the use of high efficiency venturi that shape the initial pulse into a mass of air that travels down each filter bag expanding it and dislodging the dust layer from its outer surface. The mass of air also draws secondary air behind it adding the downward air flow. The dust removed falls into the hopper and is discharged through discharge valve.