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SCS intends to be preferred solution provider for all kind of applications, to all type of industries, including Steel, Power, Refineries, Cement, Paper, Fertilizer, Food, Rice, Tea, Edible Oil, Dyeing, Textile etc.

We are also preparing to be enlisted as approved vendors with consultants, users & main equipment suppliers, based on our track record in the coming months.

Our Design team is backed up by the industrial experience and technical expertise of our founders and state of the art design software packages for IBR Piping stress analysis, Heat Exchanger design etc., to meet every customer requirement.

Our main areas of expertise are: (i)Turnkey BOP Projects, (ii) Steam Engineering and Energy Conservation Consultancy, (iii) Design and Supply of Steam Accesories, Heat Exchangers, Heat Recovery Units, Centrifugal Fans and Pollution Control Equipments, (iv) Customised Combustion System Retrofitting jobs, (v) Design and Supply of utility automation products and (vi) Customised Service solutions in Process Boilers.

All the above activities are backed up by a team of dedicated engineers ready to provide service backup whenever required.

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Solid Fuel Fired Biscuit Baking Oven Heating System
Using Solid Fuel fired Biscuit Baking System, a unique product of Steam & Control... brings miracle in biscuit industries. The profit goes up at a great level. It is an implemented fact over many of our clients..
Cyclone Separator
It is maintenance free. There is no secondary pollution. There is heigher collection efficiency. And it is suitable for erosive agricultural based fuel.
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Steam Flow Meter
Steam generation is a combustion of process of expensive fuel in an indutrial boiler. Its cost is an essential attribute to the manufacturing cost of product. So, it is monitored on a continuous basis. Steam is measured to know the specific steam consumption & reduce the manufacturing cost.
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Pressure Reducing & Desuperheating System
PRDS systems are designed to reduce the steam pressure to operating pressure. It also brings the outlet steam temperature closure to that of saturation.
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CRS [Condensate Recovery System]
  • Very Reliable owing to no moving parts
  • Designed for High Pressure
  • High discharge capacity
  • High temperature operation
  • Skid mounted
  • Zero level maintenance
CS [Cyclone Separator]
  • Maintenance Free
  • No secondary pollution
  • Higher collection efficiency
  • Designed to meet pollution norms
  • Suitable for erosive agricultural based fuel
  • Easy installation and operation